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 The dream home to reality process doesn't have to be complicated. Revival Home Design Company prides itself on offering a tailored service for everyone. We provide flexible "build upon" packages for clients. Our approach makes us adaptable to be able to meet your personal needs.

Primary Consultation


It all starts with the Primary Consultation, 90 minutes with your Revival Home design expert at home or virtually. We'll take measurements and work with you to find the balance between what your home needs to do, and what your dreams are. We won't come empty-handed: you will gain access to assessment tools to get to know your market information, typical construction budgets, and advice on the best way to get a return on your investment. Reach out to Revival and we will help guide you in your next steps.

Service Starting at $85 + hst






Design Schematic


If you are doing a home renovation it should be based on the best possible design. What is the optimal kitchen configuration for your cooking style? What's the best bathroom layout for your needs? Or can you go big and remove a wall or build on an addition? With Revivals Design Schematic service we will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with options on how to meet them. Let's work and re-work it together to get the right fit for you! At the end of the process, you will have layouts, floor plans, and other visualizations of your dream home to help make it a reality.

Service Starting at $875 + hst






Product Selection Service


Developing your floor plan or kitchen layout is an important step, but it takes so much more to turn a house into a home. There is a lot to consider: lighting, plumbing fixtures, tile, cabinets, windows, counters, flooring, fireplaces, paint, and so much more. This is where your design style comes into play. Revival will help find what inspires you to find something that is uniquely you! Revival will specify products based on your needs, budget, and style. You will be provided with a portfolio outlining the items specified and an estimated price list. You will see real product samples and how they come together to create your personalized pallet.

Service Starting at $495 + hst






Product Purchasing


A) Revival has access to many different suppliers and brands from across the globe. See something you like but don't know where to get it? Shop through us! We can offer designer discounts and process the order for you so it is ready for you to pick up. 



B)Don't feel like shopping? Revival can procure all of the finish construction materials/accessories for your project. We manage to place the orders, inspecting the products, and arrange on-site deliveries. We can even store your items until you need them. Everything from tile to towel hooks is stored in a secure video monitored area.

Service Starting at $460+ hst 





Contractor Relations Service

With our Contractor relations service Revival will help you communicate effectively with your builder/contractor so that they understand how to implement your design. Revival is happy to work with the contractor you’ve hired or we can recommend some of our preferred partners. Your builder/contractor will receive a binder containing all the specifications for designs and products provided by Revival. Revival will arrange and manage our On-site material deliveries in consultation with your builders/contractors' schedule. Revival will be on-site to perform regular quality assurance checks and design walk-throughs, to make sure that the right materials are being installed accurately and everything is running smoothly. We will also do a final inspection with you and your contractor to ensure that your project was completed to your satisfaction.

Service Starting at $1500+ hst





Please note: Revival Home Design Company prices for services outlined above are starting costs based upon the average project. Prices may vary depending on the scale of an individual project and the time projected to complete it.

Primary Consultation
Design Schematic
Product Selection Service
Product Purchasing
Contractor Relations Service

Do you have something else in mind that we can help you with? 

Revival Home Design Company is happy to offer its services to homeowners and professional builders to help make your project run smoothly.

Design Schematics

Floor Plans

Kitchens & Bathrooms

New Builds & Additions

Interiors & Exteriors

Paint & Colour Selection

Product Selection

Procurement & Supply

Project Management

Project Estimating

Home Staging

Home Decorating


We are happy to serve two beautiful areas


     HALIFAX - NS     

     SUMMERSIDE - PEI     


Feel free to shop some of the brands that Revival partners with. 


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